What It's Like to Drive an Alfa Romeo? It’s Unlike Anything Else


Today's vehicles are practically more about infotainment technologies and active safety features, and we're fine with that. In fact, both the new Giulia and Stelvio can be delivered with the latest and most advanced features. An Alfa Romeo is first and foremost about the driving experience which can be complemented by these accessories, and not the other way around.

A history unlike any other

Alfa Romeo's been at the car game for just over 110 years and one thing has remained constant throughout all these decades: An Alfa Romeo is meant to be driven. From the very first cars to be assembled, all have benefited from motorsports development and experience.

Every generation of Alfa Romeo vehicles has pushed the driving agenda to the next level. Over the years, many Alfa Romeo cars have found tremendous success in various racing series. Unlike competing brands, the lessons learned from racing do trickle down into production vehicles.

A test drive will convince you

As cliché as this may sound, the words are true. Let's put it this way: Setting expectations high is the best way to end up disappointed after driving a competing car to the Giulia or one of the Stelvio's many would-be challengers. Taking these same high hopes, and newfound experience, to an Alfa Romeo retailer and be prepared to be astounded.

Simply sitting behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo will set the tone of things to come. The steering-wheel-mounted start button is the gateway into a whole new driving experience. And it gets better from here.

The Giulia and Stelvio's chassis was developed to provide the driver with a connection to the vehicle. Be it through the steering wheel, the brake pedal, or the old seat-of-the-pants, the driver immediately becomes one with the vehicle.

As we know, power is nothing without control. An Alfa Romeo actually sports some of the most powerful engines available in their respective segments, but it's how the power is put to use that counts the most. The first tug on the steering wheel will clarify it all.

The immediate responses to all driver inputs are surprising at first but quickly become intuitive. It's as though the vehicle knows what to do before the driver does. This bond with the vehicle brings with it a sense of control which quickly builds confidence. It's at this point that an Alfa Romeo rises above the competition.

The truly impressive part is that the Giulia and Stelvio, despite having motor racing as part of their DNA, are extremely refined and easy to drive.

- Des Sources Alfa Romeo