The Alfa Romeo Chassis Domain Control


What the Alfa Romeo Chassis Domain Control Can Do for You

There are many technologies found in Alfa Romeo new vehicles that will not only keep you safe and connected on the road, but that will also enhance the driving experience. These technologies work together to make sure your Alfa's handling and performance are perfectly tuned and that you can enjoy the phenomenal performance of the engine with the braking and handling to go along with it.

Chassis Domain Control Ensures Optimal Performance in Your Alfa Romeo

The key to ensuring that everything works in perfect harmony is having a central technology to optimize what each system gives you at what moment. In Alfa Romeo vehicles, that technology is called the Chassis Domain Control system.

Designed in collaboration with Magneti Marelli, the Alfa Romeo Chassis Domain Control system is the heart and soul of the Alfa Romeo lineup. Some would also say that it is also the second brain in your Alfa Romeo after your own.

The Chassis Domain Control system interacts with the following systems:

  • Q4 All-wheel drive

  • Torque vectoring

  • DNA driving modes

  • Aero Splitter

The CDC system is like a supervisor for all of these systems to ensure that they behave the way they need to based on what the driver is doing. The Chassis Domain Control system will make sure that all of these systems are either maximizing comfort or enhancing performance.

There are a variety of other elements that are controlled through the Chassis Domain Control system. Active damping, stability, braking system, chassis dynamics, and driver assistance technologies.

In simple terms, your Alfa Romeo vehicle's CDC system will adapt to how you are driving and what you are trying to do with your vehicle. This will dramatically improve the enjoyment you get out of your 2021 Alfa Romeo Stelvio or 2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia, giving you that unique driving experience you expect from an Alfa Romeo.

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- Des Sources Alfa Romeo