Alfa Romeo vs Infiniti: How these two brands differ

Both Alfa Romeo and Infiniti are well-known luxury brands that offer vehicles delivering strong performance right out of the gate. The Alfa Romeo Giulia in the Alfa Romeo Stelvio compete directly with the Infiniti Q50 and Infiniti QX50, offering above average horsepower and torque in each vehicle and offering advanced technologies as well. The difference between an Alfa Romeo and an Infiniti, however, can be found in the driving pleasure as well as the experience behind the wheel.

If you read recent reviews about Infiniti and Alfa Romeo, what you will find is that Infiniti struggles to find an identity with its vehicles. There's a lot of technology there, but the technology takes away from the driving experience. With Alfa Romeo, driving pleasure and performance are front-and-centre, but what really matters is how Alfa Romeo Giulia and Alfa Romeo Stelvio behave on the road.

They feel directly connected to the road and they feel essentially like an extension of the driver. The handling is precise, certainly more precise than Infiniti which offers an advanced electronic steering system which takes away a lot of the feel. Moreover, when it comes to how each vehicle takes a turn or behaves on a winding road, again, Alfa Romeo has the upper hand. The handling in an Alfa Romeo is absolutely stunning, and enjoying a curvy road is something you will do on every journey in your Alfa Romeo.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia are powered by a 2 L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers 280 horsepower along with 306 pound-feet of torque. This makes the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio some of the most popular vehicles in their respective segments. Although the Q50 offers a bit more horsepower on paper, the performance between the Infiniti Q50 and Alfa Romeo Giulia is roughly the same. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio offers 14 horsepower more than the QX50 and you will certainly feel that on the road.
Ultimately, Alfa Romeo stands out from Infiniti with the way its vehicles behave and the balance they provide. Contact us today to learn more.

- Des Sources Alfa Romeo