Alfa Romeo GTV

Alfa Romeo GTV: The Future of Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo has roots deeply embedded a rich motorsport culture. And to sit alongside the powerful Giulia and the versatile Stelvio, the brand will soon be bringing back an extraordinarily classic nameplate: the GTV.

The GTV will be a coupe that can sit four occupants, giving drivers the latitude to enjoy the road solo in a sports car setting, or bring along passengers to enjoy the ride. It will obviously use Alfa Romeo's seductive and unique design on the outside, but everything inside is still up in the air for now.

Here are some of the possibilities.

The Alfa Romeo GTV will have large amounts of power and unrivalled handling capabilities

The Alfa Romeo GTV will probably be built on the same architecture as the Giulia and Stelvio. And that being said, it should profit from the same motorsport-inspired engines. The base model should receive the all-aluminum 280-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

But those who really want to take things to the next level will be able to do so with the Quadrifoglio. This one will probably feature the Ferrari-derived 505-hp twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 powerplant. Rumour has it that a mild hybrid system could be mated to this record-breaking powerplant, enabling it to deliver up to 600 horsepower using a power boost feature. The platform allows for both rear-wheel drive and Alfa's own Q4 all-wheel-drive setup - so many possibilities!

A carefully curated interior in the Alfa Romeo GTV

Inside, the GTV will include elements from Alfa Romeo's rich racing heritage, alongside modern and innovative features. Note that a wide variety of Advanced Driver Assistance technologies are available with the Giulia and Stelvio, and these should also be available with the GTV. The advanced and intuitive infotainment system will include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities along with other unique features.

Alfa Romeo is known for the wide variety of exterior colours it offers on all its vehicles, as well as a thick catalogue of interior tones that can be paired with contrasting stitching - unravelling a wide range of inspiring possibilities no other rival offers. This will make the Alfa Romeo GTV stand out of the pack in terms of comfort and refinement.

The new Alfa Romeo GTV hasn't been unveiled yet. However, you can expect the best in a coupe that will make heads turn. Contact us or visit us in person today for any information regarding Alfa Romeo's lineup.

- Des Sources Alfa Romeo