2022 Alfa Romeo Tonale Preview: Innovation Can Be Beautiful

No matter how quickly various technologies change, one can rest assured that Alfa Romeo vehicles will always be physical objects of desire. From the very first cars ever built back in 1910 in Milan, Italy, Alfa Romeo has focused on design and the passion it inspires. The all-new 2022 Tonale SUV carries this tradition forward.

Present Italian design icon

It's true what they say: What was once old can be new again. When it comes to the Alfa Romeo Tonale, named after the Tonale Pass, located near the Stelvio Pass, the past has served as inspiration for the future.

There are styling cues that hark back to Alfa Romeo's glorious past, including the ultra-unique "3 plus 3" forward lights that invoke images of the equally irreplaceable SZ and Brera cars. From all angles, the Tonale's body lines, elegant volumes, and bold curves conjure up images of the Duetto and the Disco Volante Spider. Even the 21-inch phone-dial design wheels are a traditional and classic Alfa Romeo touch. They truly look as though they were originally designed for the Tonale.

Alfa Romeo's modern DNA is transposed into the SUV's cabin. From the driver's seat, it's clear who is in charge. The cockpit might be tailored around the driver however premium materials and expert craftsmanship abound - the Tonale's interior is ultra-luxurious. It's also loaded with the latest infotainment technologies including large displays.

Innovative powertrain technology

Despite being achingly attractive, the 2022 Alfa Romeo was still conceived to do one thing better than any other competing premium SUV: Drive. For this vehicle, Alfa Romeo engineers united the best technologies in order to create an incredibly efficient powertrain that is also capable of breathtaking performance.

The Tonale's unique plug-in-hybrid powertrain is the ideal combination of electric propulsion and an internal combustion engine. As a hybrid, the Tonale can be driven about while consuming very little or any petrol. Alternatively, both motors can provide maximum power for maximum fun.

Through the exclusive Alfa D.N.A. drive mode selector, the Tonale's behaviour can be altered to meet driving needs. For example, in the Natural drive mode, the technology manages the substitution of electric power to petrol and variations of both automatically. With a full charge, the Advanced Efficiency setting will lock out the petrol engine for ultimate efficiency and rely solely on battery power.

One option presented to the driver is the Dual Power mode. It unleashes the powertrain's maximum output in order to experience the hybrid system's absolute potential. There's also an EMOZIONE button, accessible via the touchscreen, which is the equivalent of a Sport mode. It sharpens up throttle calibration and decreases brake pedal and steering wheel response times.

Production of the 2022 Alfa Romeo Tonale begins later in 2021.

- Des Sources Alfa Romeo